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The ball moves with me, who fights with the champion - 2020 Bornsun Industry Basketball Friendship Match concluded successfully

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(News Centre) At 18:30 on the evening of August 21, with the referee's whistle, Bornsun Industry 2020 Annual Basketball Friendship Match officially started in Dongkeng Town, upward faction of indoor basketball hall.

Bornsun Industry has always cared for the growth of employees, pay attention to employee health, the company has Shenzhen Bornsun, Dongguan Bornsun two basketball teams, a total of 15 players. After the game began, the two teams of players on the court you catch up with each other, do not give way. The players of Shenzhen Bornsun team were in full vigour, quickly put into the game, competed with each other on the court, made full use of the advantage of height, and threw the ball, grabbed the ball again and again, and acted in a dashing manner. Dongguan Bornsun team, on the other hand, played the home field advantage, using the wonderful copy, wonderful pass, cap, jump shot, crotch dribble, accurate three-point shot, went all out, more and more brave, showing a good technical level. After 90 minutes of fierce competition, Dongguan Bornsun team finally won the game with 60:45. Through this match, we not only felt the joy brought by competition, but also fully appreciated the friendship between colleagues of Bornsun Industrial and the charm of basketball!

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