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How to choose the right thermally conductive silicone sheet in the industry?

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Thermally conductive silicone gasket is a thermally conductive medium material synthesised by a special process using silicone as the base material, adding thermally conductive powder, flame retardant and various other auxiliary materials, also known in the industry as thermally conductive silicone pads, silicone thermal conductive sheet and so on.

What is the role of thermally conductive silicone gasket?
Thermally conductive silicone pads play a role in thermal conductivity, the formation of a good thermal conductivity path between the heat generator and the heat sink pieces, and heat sinks, structural fixings, etc. together to form a heat dissipation module. Thermally conductive silicone gel pad's main purpose is to reduce the contact heat generated between the surface of the heat source and the contact surface of the heat sink piece is enough. Thermally conductive silicone film can be a lot of filling the gap between the contact surface, the air out of the contact surface, the air is a poor conductor of heat, will seriously impede the transfer of heat between the contact surface, with the addition of thermally conductive silicone film, you can make the contact surface better and full contact, the real face-to-face contact, the reaction in the temperature can be achieved as small as possible temperature difference.

In the selection of thermally conductive silicone film should be considered before: electronic product structure, size, thermal conductivity, thickness and thermal resistance;

① in the electronic products and section after the design of the early stage should consider the thermal conductive silicone film into the design of the question, in different requirements and use of the environment, the heat dissipation programme is different, should be combined with the actual situation, select the optimal heat dissipation programme, the design of a reasonable heat dissipation structure, so that the role of thermal conductive silicone film to maximize.

② Thermally conductive silicone film thickness should take into account the thermal solution used in the electronic product itself, if the choice of heat dissipation structural components class heat dissipation, need to consider the morphology of the structure of the heat dissipation structural components in the contact surface structure of the design of the structure and thermal conductivity of the silicone film thickness of the choice to do a good job of balancing the thickness of the choice of the product with the hardness, density, compression ratio, and other parameters related to the choice of the product.

③ Thermal conductivity selection, a look at the effect you expect to achieve, another look at the size of the heat source power consumption, as well as the design of the heat sink or thermal structure of the energy that can be dissipated. Thermally conductive silicone film size size the best way to energy to cover the heat source, breakdown voltage, resistance, surface resistivity to meet the conditions can be.

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