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Talent Philosophy


In Bornsun, we adhere to the people-oriented talent concept, hoping to create down-to-earth, fair and reasonable, win-win team, therefore, we also hope to attract partners who share the same ideals with us to join us, to jointly achieve the ideals and create social value. We provide a stage that allows everyone to self-realisation, as a fast-growing high-tech company, we need new talents and innovative thinking to provide new solutions technology in order to better serve our customers.

Recruitment List
Please send your CV to: liukai@bornsun.com, and indicate the job title you are applying for.
Position Type
Head of Sales
Location: Dongguan/Shenzhen
Work Experience:2

Job Responsibilities:

1.Communication experience in electronics, electronic semiconductor/optoelectronics (LED), automotive electronics and related industries.

2.Understand customer requirements for materials, recommend suitable materials to customers, and customers to jointly draw up the technology.

3.Find new customers to promote and sell company products.

4.According to the company's requirements, the development of the region's quarterly and monthly plan, to complete the sales targets.

Job Requirements:

1.With more than two years of sales experience, engaged in chemical and electronic sales.

2.Familiar with the operation process of factory sales, good at dealing with purchasing, engineering, quality personnel.

3.Have strong market insight, able to independently develop new customers, good at exploring the potential needs of customers.

4.Strong negotiation ability and problem solving ability.

5.Be practical and have strong pressure resistance.

Sales Manager
Location: Dongguan/Shenzhen
Work Experience:3-5
Sales Director
Location: Dongguan/Shenzhen
Work Experience:3-10

Job Responsibilities:

1.Assist the general manager to formulate the company's market development strategy, to achieve the company's short-term and long-term strategic objectives.

2.Grasp the market trend and competitors' information, explore and develop the sales market.

3.Establish good customer relations and communication channels, build the company's brand, and explore the market for potential customers.

4.Undertake the company's annual target tasks, complete the company's performance objectives and layout for the future market in advance.

5.To set up and manage the market team internally, and implement professional training for team members.

6.Familiar with polymer thermal conductivity, conductive, insulating materials, participate in the company's product development and design and provide appropriate technical support, or have related technical resources.

Job requirements:

1.10 years of sales experience in related industries, including at least 3 years of experience in the same position.

2. Strong ability to develop large customers and rich negotiation experience.

3.Have the ability of sales strategic planning, team leadership, strong sense of responsibility, able to manage the overall situation.

4.The manager who has led a sales team of hundreds of millions of yuan or led a sales team with rapid growth in performance is preferred.

Marketing Manager
Work Experience:5

Job Responsibilities:

1. provide accurate industry positioning for the company, provide timely market information feedback; according to market information and the company to develop the project's strategic planning and promotion plan.

2. conduct customer analysis, and guide sales to complete the company's sales targets.

3. formulate the company's brand management and development strategy, maintain the company's brand.

4. give technical support to sales staff, provide product use advice, and assist sales staff to participate in the customer's product development.

5. to carry out major customer development and market development.

Job requirements:

1. Polymer insulation heat conductive electromagnetic shielding products market has a deep knowledge of the market, a strong market perception, keen to grasp the market dynamics, the ability to market direction.

2. In this field has more than 5 years of customer development experience, and have mature large customer resources.

3.Familiar with customers in at least one industry, and fully understand the direction of product application.

4.High work enthusiasm, good teamwork spirit, excellent interpersonal communication skills, team building ability, organisational development ability.

Senior Structural Engineering Manager
Work Experience:3-5

Job Responsibilities:

1.Silicone rubber product pre-project analysis and mould structure confirmation.

2.Understand customer needs and review the product structure change programme with customers.

3.Lead the communication with various departments to complete the mould development and manufacturing.

4.Optimise product and mould structure.

Job requirements:

1.Familiar with liquid silicone moulding process, production process improvement, improve production efficiency.

2.Understand the structure design of silicone products, mould alignment, mould structure, and have a good understanding of the nature of silicone product materials.

3.Work experience in foreign enterprises, able to work in English communication.

4.Familiar with the operation of AUOTOCAD, PRO/E software, Office software, can use the software to modify the mould products.

5.Proficient in silicone product quotation and new product project analysis.

6.Skilled in operating silicone moulding machine.

7.Hard-working, serious and responsible work.

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